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Thank you for choosing me to be Idaho’s 33rd Governor.

I look forward to continuing to move this state forward and working hard to ensure that Idaho advances in all ways, so our children and grandchildren can stay here or return to our increasing economic diversity and prosperity. We are a state with prudent fiscal policies and a culture that values self-reliance, independence, and common sense.

Now that election night is over, our team is focused on ensuring a smooth transition. It is imperative that my office maintain a high level of responsiveness, accessibility, and inclusiveness for all Idahoans.

To reach our transition team please contact: Ann DeAngeli

Click on the "Apply Here" tab above to submit your resume.

Please submit your questions, comments, requests, and inquiries here, and either I or my staff will respond as promptly as possible.

It is my honor to be your Governor-elect.

Brad Little